Standing Up for Mothers and Babies 2020 Virtual Celebration

For over 20 years, Generate Health has worked to improve the birth outcomes of mothers and babies in the St. Louis area, specifically to reduce the rate of infant mortality in the Region. We are committed to building a community where moms and babies thrive by inspiring and mobilizing the St. Louis region to advance racial equity in pregnancy outcomes, family well-being and community health.

Healthy women, children and families are the foundation of a healthy and thriving community. However, in our area, Black babies are more than three times as likely to die than White babies, and this gap has been continually widening.  Missouri ranks 42nd in maternal deaths and Black women are 2.5 times as likely to die around time of pregnancy as White women. Our maternal and infant health outcomes are worse than some developing countries.

This work is urgent. Throughout our region, researchers, practitioners, and community members have dedicated their careers and lives to improving these outcomes, enhancing quality of life, and impacting communities. We ground our approach in race equity principles and actively work to center the voices of women from our community.

Generate Health is excitedly preparing for our Annual Standing Up for Mothers and Babies Awards Celebration, which recognizes outstanding leaders dedicated to improving health and serves as an inspiration to others to unite and mobilize as a region for a healthier community.

Due to public health recommendations, this year’s event will be hosted virtually on October 22, 2020. The event was created to shine a spotlight on inspiring efforts of local leaders to improve maternal and child health, and has become the premier celebration of maternal and child health in St. Louis. Since inception, Generate Health has recognized 13 researchers, 15 provider champions, 10 community champions, and 10 emerging leaders, corporate and philanthropic champions.  Recognition of champions for moms and babies is more important this year than ever as we face a global health crisis that threatens to undermine progress toward equity in birth outcomes.

Generate Health is excited to honor key contributors and stakeholders who work tirelessly to advance the health and wellbeing of black mothers, babies, and families.

We will once again accept nominations for the following awards:

  • Dr. Terry Leet Researcher Award recognizes an individual, collaborative or institution making significant research contributions to maternal and child health.
  • Dr. Corinne Walentik Provider/Practitioner Champion recognizes an individual or institution that provides direct health or community services and uses their knowledge/practice to advocate for improvements in maternal and child health.
  • Alderman Gregory Carter Community Champion recognizes a volunteer, consumer or front-line employee who exemplifies a commitment to the health of mothers and babies.

This year, Generate Health lost a champion for moms and babies. Judy Wilson-Griffin devoted her life to moms and babies in St. Louis and helped create hospital systems that saved women’s lives during childbirth. We are grateful for her work, her partnership, and the countless lives saved because of her dedication. In her honor, we request nominations for the Judy Wilson-Griffin Maternal Health Equity Champion Award. Through this award, we will recognize an individual making remarkable contributions in advancing racial equity in maternal health and demonstrates a commitment to bridging community and health care.

Award Selection Process:

Nominations may be submitted by anyone. Nominees will be reviewed and selected by the Awards Event Committee based on the categories above. Selected individuals or organizations will have demonstrated impact on maternal and child health over time. Award winners will be notified in advance of the awards dinner.


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