We’re working towards a future where Black families in St. Louis thrive before, during, and beyond pregnancy

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We Are Generate Health

Generate Health builds collective power to advocate for racially equitable policies and practices that center, support, and celebrate Black families throughout their pregnancy and parenthood journeys.

We are network builders

We organize within the region to coordinate and collaborate with people and organizations. We offer community leadership and opportunities to reimagine how systems can work more effectively for Black infants and families.

We are evaluators

We synthesize, analyze, and share data to help give the region a clear picture of how systems are affecting the health of Black women, birthing people, and infants.

We are change makers

We build power with community leaders to mobilize the region and change systems that have oppressed Black women, birthing people, and infants. We convene and facilitate the maternal-infant health ecosystem to address our community’s most pressing priorities.

We are changing the narrative

To shift the narrative about the causes of disparate maternal and infant health outcomes, we amplify the stories of Black women and birthing people who have been impacted by inequities. We see storytelling as a tool to describe a complex healthcare system, better understand St. Louis’ racist history, and create more empathy toward Black women and birthing people’s experiences.

We are thought leaders

We are knowledgeable and of and recognized for our leadership in centering lived experience, facilitating multi-sector engagement, implementing community-based participatory processes, and enhancing understanding of complex maternal and infant health data. We partner with our stakeholders to advance racial equity in maternal and infant health in the St. Louis region.

Policies and systems have created racial disparities in maternal and infant health. We’re working to illuminate the root cause of these outcomes and advocate for policies and community conditions that support and celebrate Black families in St. Louis.

Our Programs & Initiatives


Amplifying the lived experience of Black women and birthing people and organizing networks of advocates.

The Bloom Network

Collaborating with community and service providers to improve care through home visitation, perinatal behavioral health, and safe sleep.


Bringing together partners, providers, epidemiologists, and community to collect, analyze, and interpret infant and maternal health data.