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Advocating for Policies Promoting Racial Equity in Pregnancy Outcomes, Family Well-Being and Community Health

Generate Health advocates for policies that promote racial equity in pregnancy outcomes, family and community health. We are committed to creating systemic change locally, state-wide, and nationally to address challenges to infant and maternal health equity. Generate Health is committed to learning from, and acting in the interest of, our communities. Annual policy priorities are determined with input from partners, members, stakeholders, staff, and community members.

Generate Health’s 2020 advocacy agenda is:

Promote racial equity in social determinants of health in communities through:

  • Improved economic conditions, increased minimum wage, family financial health, paid family leave, and education
  • Reliable, affordable transportation
  • Affordable, safe housing
  • Affordable, high-quality childcare
  • Access to healthy, nutritious food

Promote racial equity in maternal health and decrease maternal mortality

  • Improve access to affordable and equitable women’s healthcare before, during, between, and after pregnancies
  • Promote women’s reproductive health and preventative care, and behavioral health treatment for substance use and mental health disorders
  • Develop provider capacity to decrease implicit bias and racism, and to build trust through trauma-awareness and cultural humility
  • Promote trauma-informed services through home visiting, community health workers, doulas, etc.

Promote racial equity in infant health and decrease infant mortality

  • Improve access to affordable and equitable healthcare for infants during birth and beyond
  • Promote safe sleep practices and infrastructure capacity

Promote access to expanded, prompt, equitable healthcare

  • Medicaid expansion in Missouri, faster and easier Medicaid enrollment for those who qualify, and restored Medicaid and CHIP for adults and children who have been disenrolled or lost coverage
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