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by | Oct 28, 2022 | Funding

Celebrating its 10th year as United 4 Children (U4C), the organization provides comprehensive services for childcare centers and after school programs to address the various needs of children. U4C came about in 2012 after merging two organizations, though the team has been around for over 50 years. The organization supports childcare providers, afterschool programs, and families through training, coaching, assessments, referrals and more. They meet caregivers where they are, providing them with the knowledge and skills needed to make sure children feel safe, nourished, supported, and included. Their vision is to ensure every child has the foundation to thrive, regardless of race, zip code, or ability. 

United 4 Children upholds values of community, trust, equity, and empathy. By putting children, families, and caregivers at the forefront, they are meeting community needs where resources are not readily available. They understand that disparities in childhood outcomes exist, and they strive to provide access to educational and developmental opportunities by partnering with schools and other nonprofit organizations. In addition, U4C is respectful of the unique circumstances that impact a person’s journey.  United 4 Children Executive Director, Deanna Finch, says the organization supports more than 34,000 children, families, and childcare providers each year. Everything they do stems back to affordable, accessible resources and advocating for the education profession to get what they need to be successful.

Deanna shared stories of the positive impact U4C has on community members and other organizations wanting to do similar work.  For example, the Safe Sleep Training program funded through FLOURISH educated moms on the proper ways to put babies to sleep, shipped supplies directly to their home, and followed-up to see if they needed further assistance or support. She remembers a time when one mom called a United 4 Children team member in tears because she was finally receiving help without having to jump through hoops to get what she needed. She also shared that S.T.A.R. Coaching for Early Childhood Educators Inc., another community organization and FLOURISH grant recipient, emerged after they received coaching and training services through U4C. Finch says, “They are a prime example of the exponential impact United 4 Children’s services make. We want to help childcare providers build up their skill sets and then share those new skills with the families they work with as well as other educators in our community.” 

United 4 Children is all about making an impact. There are many factors that influence the ability to instill something greater in children. She talked about needing money to be poured into the people raising or training kids and into the communities they’re a part of. U4C focuses on early education, or children ages 0-13, but partners with dozens of organizations in St. Louis.  It’s important for different sectors to walk alongside them such as housing, urban strategies, health clinics, and grocery stores. Outside of funding and partnership, there are other ways people can make an impact.  You can sign up to volunteer. You can highlight a childcare provider or center on social media.  Do whatever needs to be done to make an impact. 

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Read more about United 4 Children’s FLOURISH grant-funded project, Safe Sleep Training


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