Community Partner Spotlight: Away From Home, Inc.

by | Apr 21, 2023 | Funding

Founded in 2017, Away From Home, Inc. is a non-profit that supports unhoused women and their children through assistance with securing a permanent place to live. With educational classes and by providing emotional support, love, and guidance, the organization provides women with the tools to improve their lives and become more self-sufficient.  Founder LaToya Swanson has a passion for helping single mothers better themselves, as she knows what it’s like to be in their shoes. She recognizes the importance of integrity, active listening, and transparency when connecting with the women she serves. 

One thing that differentiates Away From Home, Inc. from other organizations is that LaToya helps mothers with paying their bills.  Though receiving grants can be challenging, she allocates money in the budget to assist those who are struggling in this way. LaToya helps women put down deposits, as she sees housing as one of the most urgent needs for mothers and their children in St. Louis.  She says, “I follow up with my mothers every 2 weeks just to see how they’re doing and if they need any resources provided. I pay their deposit to move into their apartment or house. I pay up to 6 months of rent. Most of them have Section 8. I’ve mostly been helping them with utilities.” LaToya works diligently to support single mothers and with funding from FLOURISH, she hosts “Healthy Moms and Healthy Babies” workshops to reduce homelessness and educate mothers about infant mortality.

LaToya’s goal is to own property in order to house families. Instead of going through landlords, mothers would be able to come to her as she’ll make sure her properties are suitable and up to code. She is determined to obtain property, with or without funding. She believes if she were to have her own property, more funding will come to Away From Home, Inc. and in turn allow her to provide more housing options for families. Nevertheless, she is still looking for opportunities to support this work, though these efforts have somewhat been put on hold due to a recent cancer diagnosis and treatments.  She shared, “I’m still working with the families that I had in the program. I just want to continue to help. I won’t let this diagnosis stop me from doing what I love to do.” 

For ways to volunteer or contribute, contact LaToya Swanson by email at or by phone at 314-328-9886. Visit this link for monetary donations through PayPal. 

Learn about Away From Home Inc.’s  grant funded project “Healthy Moms and Healthy Babies” Year 1, Year 2


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