$90,000 in CMI Grants Will Help Improve Health and Well-being for Black Families

by | Jan 22, 2021 | Funding

In keeping with its community-led model, FLOURISH is proud to announce it will grant $90,000 to nine different community groups and individuals that are supporting Black families in St. Louis. The funding comes from the Community Mobilization and Innovation (CMI) grant program, which is reserved for community groups and organizations who have ideas that will improve the lives of Black moms, babies and families, and might not be able to access traditional grant opportunities.  

The past year has been extra challenging for Black families in St. Louis, and we’ve seen a heightened need for mental health support, as well as assistance with accessing food, diapers and other necessities,” said Laura Horwitz, senior manager of planning at partnerships at Generate Health. “Our CMI recipients are embedded in the community and understand these challenges firsthand, and we believe that funding these new projects will enable them to make an even greater impact.” 

FLOURISH awarded CMI grants to the following projects: 

  • A Red Circle: A Red Circle plans to use CMI funding to host Parent Café to create a safe space for parents and families to have authentic conversations in ways that strengthen their community by gaining emotional, social, and leadership skills, reducing stress, and creating meaningful relationships. 
  • Arthur R Johnson Community Outreach: This project will serve families that have continued impacts from the economic hardships caused by COVID 19, specifically those who are either in toxic environments or have experienced life-changing events that will hinder them from being vital assets in their communities. 
  • Da Hood Talks Podcast: Founded by a FLOURISH CLC member, this podcast aims to improve community engagement and provide resources that empower and promote a healthy wellbeing for Black moms and their families. 
  • Fit and Food Connection: This project, Focusing on Our Black Mothers’ Well-being, will provide free wellness and healthy food access to Black expectant women, mothers and their young children. 
  • Jacob’s Ladder Ministries: The Sew Hope Support Groups provides sewing therapeutic groups for Black women exposed to the criminal justice system. 
  • Lighthouse Breakthrough International: The purpose of this project is to provide pregnant and parenting women with parenting classes that enhance financial literacy and enabling families to become better decision makers financially throughout their lifetime. 
  • Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Center: The grant will support the “Healthy Moms Healthy Babies” Virtual Wellness Retreat for new and pregnant moms.  
  • Riverview West Florissant Housing Corporation: The purpose of the Parents & Community Connection program is to assist young parents with the supplies and resources they need to alleviate the extra stress and financial hardship they may have accrued due to COVID-19. 
  • Vaughn Tenant Association: Funding will support Cherish Closet, which provides clean children’s clothing and baby supplies to families who attend the childcare facilities, reducing the families financial burden to free up income to go towards more essentials. 

In total, FLOURISH’s CMI grant has provided more than $280,000 since fall 2019 to help 26 community groups support Black families.  

If you or someone you know is interested in applying for a CMI grant, visit flourishstlouis.org/community-mobilization-funds for more information. The next deadline to apply is February 19. 


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