Health Equity

Generate Health Equity Initiative

Educating our Region on Community Conditions that Affect the Health of Women, Children and Families.

Working to attain health equity, where all people have reached the highest level of health, is at the core of all our work.

Everyone should have the opportunity to make the choices that allow them to have the healthiest life possible. However, many families face a variety of barriers in the community that block them from having access to the things they need to thrive. These include lack of access to:

  • Primary health care
  • Education and living wage jobs
  • Transportation
  • Affordable, healthy food
  • Quality housing in safe communities

Generate Health is building awareness of these community conditions and engaging new types of sectors in the discussion of maternal and child health to accelerate change in our region.

Our work in this area includes:

We conduct focus groups and convenings to gather input from community members and service providers to understand all of the factors that contribute to family health. We share these findings with community leaders and service providers to ensure efforts and investments in our region can have the greatest impact.

RESULTS SNAPSHOT: In our PhotoVoice project, women documented conditions in their communities that pose health risks. The resulting images and report painted a picture for community leaders about the lack of safety and access to common services, such as transportation, which impact health.


Our Healthy and Sustainable Homes Committee plans, aligns and unites the region around health and safety issues in St. Louis homes that are placing children, minorities and other disadvantaged groups at risk.

RESULTS SNAPSHOT: We provided educational interventions in 20 homes in the Normandy School District that taught homeowners key healthy home principles and connected them with home remediation services to fix some of their immediate home safety challenges.


Our Social Determinants Tour takes participants to impoverished neighborhoods in St. Louis to learn about the social determinants of health and how they impact those living in these communities. A tour guide provides information on historical events and health, housing, economic and educational policies that impact the health of today’s families. Nursing students, pediatric residents, masters of public health students and community leaders have benefitted from seeing in-person the lack of access to services and resources that families face. The tour also discusses racism’s and racial disparities’ impact on family health, while building providers’ understanding and empathy for the community members they serve and the challenges they encounter in their everyday lives.

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