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Everyone should have the opportunity to make the choices that allow them to have the healthiest life possible. However, many families face a variety of barriers in the community that block them from having access to the things they need to thrive. These include lack of access to:

  • Primary health care
  • Education and living wage jobs
  • Transportation
  • Affordable, healthy food
  • Quality housing in safe communities

Generate Health is building awareness of these community conditions and partnering with community to find solutions that accelerate change in our region.

Illuminating Root Causes of Disparities

Our Social Determinants Tour takes participants to two zip codes in the city and one zip code in the county in St. Louis to learn about the social determinants of health and how they impact those living in these communities. A tour guide provides information on historical events and health, housing, economic and educational policies that impact the health of today’s families. Nursing students, pediatric residents, masters of public health students and community leaders have benefitted from seeing in-person the lack of access to services and resources that families face. The tour also discusses the impact of racism and racial disparities’ impact on family health, while building providers’ understanding and empathy for the community members they serve and the challenges they encounter in their everyday lives.

Quotes on Social Determinants Tour:

  • “I have never been to any of the locations that we visited today. The tour was opened with a great verbal presentation. Gave me a whole new perspective of the circumstances my patients are coming from.it will definitely help me adjust my expectations during patient encounters” –Tour Participant, June 2016
  • “[The tour gave] context to why there are racial issues and more importantly, why my patients mistrust the hospital and the healthcare system” –Tour Participant, June 2016

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