Coming This Spring – New FLOURISH Funding Opportunities to Address Black Infant Mortality

As previously shared, we are changing how FLOURISH is structured to better align our work around racial disparities in infant mortality. One key component of this will be investing funding in others who are working to help close the gap between Black and White infant mortality in St. Louis. The FLOURISH St. Louis Fund is unique in that the community will determine how funding is allocated.

In 2018, the FLOURISH Transition Team outlined three key strategies for strategically investing  funds to best align with our North Star – achieving zero racial disparities in infant mortality by 2033. We are still in the process of finalizing our grant programs but wanted to share an overview of what the opportunities will be. Grants and contracts through the FLOURISH St. Louis Fund in 2019 will be available in three categories:

  • Aligned Activities for Priority Areas (approximately $700,000 available): This grant category is for projects that align with FLOURISH’s priorities and racial equity approach, and promote systems change. Our priorities will be determined in the coming months by the Community Leaders Cabinet. Examples of eligible activities include pilot projects, policy analysis, advocacy campaigns, data systems to coordinate services, and expansion of effective programs. Please note: The amount of funding available is best suited for shorter-term investments that enable organizations and collaborative partners to seek longer-term, sustainable funding from another source.
  • Capacity-Building in Racial Equity (approximately $200,000 available): Organizations in St. Louis are at varying levels in their understanding and application of racial equity. FLOURISH is committed to investing dollars in racial justice trainings and other initiatives that help prepare people to take on this important work. These may include FLOURISH-hosted trainings, or funding to hold racial equity trainings within your own organization.
  • Community Mobilization and Innovation Funds (approximately $200,000 available): Part of moving to a community-led model is empowering the community to take action in addressing opportunities in their own neighborhoods. This bucket of funding is reserved for residents and neighborhood organizations who want to implement solutions to promote maternal and infant vitality, provide social support and healing, and build community.

A review committee made up largely of community members will allocate funding to projects that align with our North Star – to achieve zero racial disparities in infant mortality by 2033. We are actively recruiting committee members now and anticipate posting a Call for Funding Applications later this spring. Announcements will be shared through the FLOURISH and Generate Health websites, email messages, social media and informational sessions.

While we are working to build the new Cabinet and Review Committee, we will begin investing in the first step of capacity building and developing a process for allocating Community Mobilization and Innovation Funds.

Two new staff have joined the Generate Health team to support and facilitate this process. Brian Washington, manager of planning and partnerships, will work with community leaders to translate priorities into funding opportunities and implement the funding process with the Review Committee. Najjuwah Walden, community organizer, will work with Lora Gulley to support the Community Leaders Cabinet and build relationships throughout our community to advance equity.

This is an exciting time for FLOURISH, and we look forward to being able to help support those organizations and activities that are working towards equity for Black moms, dads and babies. If you have any questions about FLOURISH’s work in the meantime, please contact me at

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