2022 Standing Up for Mothers and Babies Awards Event

Nominations are now closed.

The Standing Up for Black Mothers and Babies Awards will be presented in recognition of outstanding leaders and advocates for mothers and babies during the Standing Up for Black Mothers and Babies Awards Event in Fall 2022.  As a key partner in the maternal and child health community, you can identify people or organizations that have been exemplary in advancing racial equity in the health of women, birthing people, and children in the St. Louis region.

Judy Wilson-Griffin Maternal Health Equity Champion

Judy Wilson Griffin Maternal Health Equity Champion is named in memory of Judy Wilson Griffin (1957-2020).  Judy is recognized as a passionate advocate for maternal health, leading the way in developing and implementing best practices in hospital settings.  She also believed in collaboration between health care and community.  This award will recognize an individual who makes a remarkable contribution to maternal health equity and embodies Judy’s commitment to bridging community and health care.

Previous recipients: 2020 – Rebeccah Bennett; 2021 – Eboni Hooper-Boateng

Dr. Terry Leet Researcher Award

Dr. Terry Leet Researcher Award is named in memory of Terry Leet, PhD, MPH (1952-2009), who was widely recognized locally and nationally as a scientist, teacher, and humanitarian. Terry was a Generate Health board member, collaborator, and friend.  Through this award, we hope that others may continue to be inspired by Terry’s drive to improve our community.  This category is for an individual, collaborative, or institution making significant research contributions to maternal and child health.

Previous recipients: 2009 – Terry Leet PhD; 2010 – Louise Flick DrPH; 2011 – Melissa Jonson-Ried PhD & Kathleen Rice Simpson PhD; 2012 – Gina Secura, PhD; 2013 – Donna R. Halloran, MD, MSPH; 2014 – For the Sake of All Research Team; 2015 – Deborah Kiel, PhD., RN, PHCNS-BC & Lavinia M. Lewis; 2016 – Pamela K. Xaverius; 2017 – Darcell P. Scharff, Ph. D.; 2018 – Vetta Sanders-Thompson, Ph.D.; 2019 – Anne Sebert Kuhlmann, Ph.D. MPH; 2020 – Amber Johnson, Ph.D.; 2021 – EleVATE Women Collaborative

Dr. Corinne Walentik Provider/Practitioner Champion

Dr. Corinne Walentik Provider/Practitioner Champion is named in memory of Corinne Walentik, MD, MPH (1949 – 2012), who was widely recognized as a passionate advocate for babies and families, particularly for those with little voice, few resources, and unequal access. Through this award we hope Dr. Walentik’s legacy as the community conscience for children will endure and inspire others to invest in what’s right for families. This category is for an individual or institution that provides direct health or community services and uses their knowledge/practice to advocate for improvements in maternal and child health.

Previous recipients: 2009 – D. Michael Nelson, MD; 2010 – Corinne Walentik, MD, MPH and Helen Risse RN, MSN; 2011 – Rebekah Hassler, CNM, FNP; 2012 – Daniel Berg, MD, MPH; 2013 – Katie Plax, MD; 2014 – Nurses for Newborns; 2015 – Matthew Broom, MD, FAAP; 2016 – Jaye M. Shyken, MD, FACOG, Signature Medical Group’s Strong Start Program, Maribeth Hollinshead; 2017 – Cynthia E. Rogers, MD & Melissa D. Tepe, MD, MPH, FAGOG; 2018 – Jamaa Birth Village and Tru Kellman; 2019 – Angela Schiefelbein, FNP, BC; CARE in Pregnancy at BJH; 2020 – Kanika Turner, MD; 2021 – Jesse Davis, MD, MBA

Alderman Gregory Carter Community Champion

Alderman Gregory Carter Community Champion is named in memory of Alderman Gregory Carter (1958 – 2012). Alderman Carter is recognized for making significant impact on the health of women, children, and families in his community.  Alderman Carter rallied the community to address high rates of infant mortality and was a champion of the TRIUMPH initiative. This category is for a volunteer, consumer, or frontline employee who exemplifies a commitment to the health of mothers and babies.

Previous recipients: 2011 – Lillie Dale; 2012 – Cbabi Bayoc; 2013 – Rev. Rodrick & Mrs. Carlotta Burton; 2014 – Rev. Fran Pieper; 2015 – Stephanie Williamson; 2016 – Bethany Johnson – Javois, MSW; 2017 – Black Mama Bailout Collaborative; 2018 – Kim Martino-Sexton; 2019 – Monica Wade; Junior League of St. Louis; 2020 – Angela Ross; 2021 Village of Moms STL

Award Selection Process

Nominations may be submitted by anyone.  Nominees will be reviewed and selected by the Awards Selection Committee, based on the categories above.  Selected individuals or organizations will have demonstrated impact on maternal and child health over time.  Award winners will be notified in advance of the awards event.

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