Past Initiatives

Immunization Initiative

For the past 14, years, Generate Health has served as the home for the region’s immunization coalition. Most recently the coalition has been known as the Generate Health Immunization Initiative.  The coalition was initially started in 1991 by the Junior League to increase childhood immunization rates.  As the coalition grew to encompass all immunization, it was led by St. Louis County Department of Public Health.

Under Generate Health’s leadership, some key accomplishments of the coalition included creating a Meningitis Toolkit adopted by higher education institutions, organizing an Adolescent Immunization Campaign, and Kids that Rock Campaign, which reached over 500,000 parents with information about the threats of pertussis and influenza, and the safe vaccinations available to prevent diseases. To view the Meningitis Toolkit, please click here.

Mission, staff capacity, and funding changes have led Generate Health to hand off this initiative to the newly established Missouri Immunization Coalition.  This new home will have a greater capacity to create local change.

Want to stay involved with the Immunization Initiative?  First, become a member of the Missouri Immunization Coalition by subscribing to the list serve (  The coalition formed three work groups, each with a point of contact if you’d like to learn more or get involved:

Other action steps:

Healthy & Sustainable Homes Initiative

Generate Health is excited to announce that its Healthy & Sustainable Homes Initiative will be moving under the leadership of the Housing & Environmental Design Program in St. Louis County led by Kandace Fisher-McLean. Kandace is the Housing & Environmental Design Specialist at the University of Missouri-Extension, as well as the Coordinator of the Healthy Homes Partnership. Her expertise, knowledge and access to resources will greatly benefit the initiative.

The Healthy & Sustainable Homes Initiative still strives to build partnerships between health care and housing repair professionals to address the health of children and families. The initiative will continue to serve its purpose to align and unite stakeholders around healthy and safe housing solutions for the benefit of children and families in the St. Louis area. As we transition, please begin looking for emails and meeting dates from Kandace and the University of Missouri-Extension. For more information at the Housing & Environmental Design program in St. Louis, please visit If you have any questions about the transition or how to become involved in the initiative, please contact Kandace Fisher-McLean at or 314-400-7657.

The group developed a variety of resources to observe unhealthy conditions of the home and referral resources. These resources are available here:

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