Elected Officials Impact Reports


To provide information to communities to help hold elected officials accountable to racial equity in infant and maternal health and to provide a tool for elected officials to become better advocates for Black moms and babies and to work better in partnership with impacted communities.

The disparities in health outcomes between Black and White families is unacceptable. Our elected officials sit in positions of power where they have opportunities to make significant change by working with and being led by impacted communities. By informing the St. Louis region how elected officials are advocating for Black moms and babies, the Impact Reports project pursues transparency and accountability that leads to bigger strides toward equity.
  1. Elected officials were invited to fill out a self-assessment survey based on the Generate Health Advocacy Agenda and the Ferguson Commission report calls to action
  2. Community based partners were invited to provide feedback on elected officials self assessments and to provide additional information on elected officials.
  3. Elected officials were given a preliminary report with an opportunity to provide additional information or clarity
  4. All information provided came together to inform each official’s impact level and recommendations for improvement

*It was our intention to gather thorough information on all St. Louis area elected officials. While that was not achieved, these reports share the impact level based on the information we were able to gather. We encourage you to reach out to your elected officials and discuss with them how to best advocate for you and your community.


Read the reports and understand how your elected officials are leading advocacy efforts

Share the reports with your networks and encourage others to learn about their elected officials

Mobilize your network to create positive changes based on these reports by:

  • Creating a virtual roundtable with your elected official to co-create a plan of action
  • Make phone calls/send letters to your elected official with a list of policies you want them to support
  • Reach out to your elected official and ask for their action plan to improve their impact level
  • Invite your elected official to a socially distanced event to learn more about your network
  • Work with organizations you support to elevate their policy priorities
  • Thank your elected official for their work and partner with them to advocate for equitable change
  • Run for office!
  • Join Generate Health’s advocacy work
  • What else could you do?




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